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Interior Design with Jana Wilson

Jana was born in Memphis, Tennessee and moved to Texas in 1981.  She grew up in Cleburne then attended the University of North Texas in Denton, majoring in Merchandising and Hospitality Management.  Jana spent the majority of her years within the restaurant industry beginning at the age of 13.  After marriage and starting a family, the long hours of the restaurant business paved a way into real estate, where the opportunity continued to meet, be a part of people’s lives, and have a direct impact in helping families reach their goals of buying or selling their homes.  Jana has sold real estate for 16 years and continues to do so today.

She’s found herself encouraged by friends and family to explore her passion creating within different areas of design in the downtime hours. This led to developing her recent venture, Texas Tailored Designs. With several avenues of creative services offered, her hope is to also include local businesses and talents in the projects ahead of her.

She and her family moved to Godley in 2008.  Her late husband owned a mechanic business in town for many years and she has two daughters raised in Godley ISD.  Her oldest is already college, she is a student at Texas State University and loves it!

Between work and family, Jana is always looking for opportunities to serve the Godley community. She would be glad to talk about any interior design ideas, projects or planning you have in mind!

Email warriorjana@yahoo.com

dual purpose spaces

This year is a great opportunity to completely re-design and rededicate your outdoor areas to become an extension of your interior look and décor in which to host parties, dinners, or holidays with family and friends.

With the new season comes a renewed spirit in design trends as the world starts to wake up from life as we knew it during the pandemic.

Our society has been limited to staying indoors and working from home. This change in our daily experience caused many to realize the need for better form and function. Our surroundings have the power to calm, to inspire, and improve our wellbeing.

Take exra care to ensure you are getting what you need from your living space.

As busy and modern families, we tend to clutter up useful space, forcing it to play against us.  Creating a room that is conducive and aesthetically pleasing can sometimes prove to be a challenge when really, it’s a few simple steps towards gratification!

Begin by first organizing and de-cluttering your home. This includes closets and cabinets and even the garage. Doing this will provide a clean slate to begin to re-create a space that will reflect a positive energy from the start and allow you to recognize your desired design outcome in each element.

Collect ideas and photographs of furnishings, accessories, colors and other details that can help communicate a style to follow. 

Meeting with a designer usually begins with an in home consultation to establish expectations. Each client and project presents a new challenge. Getting to know you, your style, and how you function in your home is my favorite part of the job. The payoff is always exciting and we both get the chance to learn a new way of living life, better.

Neutral Color Trends will begin to Shift

Spaces will to reflect warmer and bolder colors as we move away from the all whites and grays that forced us to be surrounded by sterile rooms in recent years. I believe we will see the move from the “safe zone” of neutrals and people will begin using more vibrant colors and bold patterned fabrics.

Material driven applications, tangible textures, softer shapes and angles will take the place of matte walls, flat accents, and straight lined furniture essentially creating updated spaces that are welcoming, warm and easy to relax in. 

Dual purpose rooms have now received recognition as the kitchen table becomes the conference room and home office space is displayed virtually across the web within the workplace. Travel and nature inspired interiors will be emerging as a new trend as well.  In-home hospitality and entertaining will continue to see a major shift to the outdoors.  This year is a great opportunity to completely re-design and rededicate your outdoor areas to become an extension of your interior look and décor in which to host parties, dinners, or holidays with family and friends.

Digital versions available for viewing and download.

letter from the publisher

In the South, "small talk" is what we call casual conversation between friends and neighbors. Gossip aside, you never know how a simple, “How are you?” can greatly change someone’s day. It's a simple gesture and a way to show you care.

We'd like to extend that kindness make a place for healthy and genuine conversation. SmallTalk Magazine is for everyone in a community that is rapidly growing. This magazine provides a space to celebrate special people and events. Together, we can preserve this region’s traditions and history, as well as grow and embrace positive change.

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