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letter from the publisher

In the South, "small talk" is what we call casual conversation between friends and neighbors. Gossip aside, you never know how a simple, “How are you?” can greatly change someone’s day. It's a simple gesture and a way to show you care.

We'd like to extend that kindness make a place for healthy and genuine conversation. SmallTalk Magazine is for everyone in a community that is rapidly growing. This magazine provides a space to celebrate special people and events. Together, we can preserve this region’s traditions and history, as well as grow and embrace positive change.

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inside each issue

Each issue of SmallTalk Magazine will feature a variety of articles such as community history, outstanding people, small businesses, local education, non-profits and community groups, and farm and ranch news.

small business

We love to support small businesses by featuring their outstanding accomplishments and how they shape our community.

kids & teen education

Look forward to reading about new programs, school news and updates, and our incredible Godley ISD students and staff. 

farm & ranch

Follow the trends and announcements of our local farmers and ranchers. This is agricultural life and style in Godley, from stock shows to awards and local events.

get involved

Though many newcomers may be from different places, in an effort to keep our town from feeling “transitionary,” by allowing community traditions to slip away, we have the opportunity to feel heard and embrace one another’s accomplishments and stories. SmallTalk Magazine is a common ground where we have a chance to understand each other and reflect, together.

media kit

SmallTalk Magazine is published in Godley, Texas. Each issue is mailed to every home (3,500+ residences) with some extras placed around town at local businesses. Less than 50% of the space is dedicated for advertisers, leaving extra room for beautiful article spreads and a collage of recent events. Look forward to more digital opportunites for advertising. 


ad specs

Our advertisers have the choice to either submit their own press ready ad or allow us the opportunity to create one for them. Our talented designers and photographers are ready to assist you in developing your ad should you want assistance. Working with us ensures a professional and timely advertisement for production. Photography and design (up to 30 min) is included with the purchase of an advertisement.


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